Therapeutic Yoga

Do you want to maximize your life physically and mentally?? Live more actively, enjoy more completely, run, jump and smile…. Do you realize that almost everyone “leaves something on the table” when accepting what they can and can’t do. Have you often said, “well I am just getting older” and let go of the loss of function you used to have? I am here to say you can likely improve your current state of being by optimizing what you do have, AND using it so it doesn’t whither and disappear.

Therapeutic Yoga is great for:

  • Staying young;
  • Regaining function after illness or injury;
  • Reducing stress;
  • Improving overall body function;
  • Optimizing athletic performance;
  • Getting to the heart of chronic pain/dysfunction;
  • Getting stronger and more mobile; and
  • Increasing awareness of your own body, allowing you to “listen & act” on its messages. “If you learn to listen to your body whisper, you won’t have to hear it scream ….”.

Therapeutic yoga offers a non-traditional approach to deal with both physical and mental dis-ease. My style of therapeutic yoga is based on how your body is DESIGNED to work vs how it currently is working taking into consideration the kinesiology of the body. This combination of yoga expertise with bio-mechanics expertise results in a logical approach based on easeful movement (without compensations). This method is proven to reduce or overcome physical pain and limitation to improve body function. Stated simply, it gets you back to living your life to the fullest.

Sounds great, what is the catch?

  • You need to step back, then step back again from the traditional North American model of “no pain no gain”. The movements are small…to the point where you might say “I don’t feel like I am doing anything.”. Trust the process and the documentation of its ability to take you where you want to go. Enjoy the change, how often do you get the advice to do less to get more?

Therapeutic Yoga works. It stops the cycle of compensations as illustrated with the following process:

Therapeutic yoga gets you out of this cycle by breaking down the patterns of movement (compensations) that no longer serve you to reclaim the most efficient way of using your body, with each muscle doing the job it was designed for and doing it best. Therapeutic yoga also works by reducing stress; stress reduction is one of the best known benefits of yoga. On this solid foundation you can then build strength and enjoy increased functionality in your life. Note that therapeutic yoga and fascial stretch therapy are often used together in the same session.

Getting started with Therapeutic Yoga

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If you have questions or want to begin your path to feeling great with private sessions click here.  Currently private Therapeutic yoga is only available in Kimberley BC. If you are distant or even close by with a inflexible schedule try my online course, Restore, repair, reset (RRR) this 30 day program quickly gets you moving and feeling better all from the ease of your home on your schedule for a only $69. Learn more about RRR by clicking here.

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Don’t Forget!

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If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.-Lao Tzu