Restore, Repair, Reset

Are you lacking the zip that you would like to feel daily? Are you not moving as well as you feel you could or should? Does your body feel sore and creaky? Are you giving up mobility with the reason you are just getting old?

Do you feel stuck physically and mentally? Do you know something has to change, but you just aren`t sure what? How would you like to press a Reset button? You can with Zeal & Zen’s “Restore, repair and reset” (RRR).

RRR is Zeal & Zen’s answer to everything from the general blahs to deeply felt tension, discomfort and exhaustion. RRR is a gentle yoga and meditation practice that anyone can do.

RRR doesn’t require huge chunks of your time and can be conveniently done in the comfort of YOUR home on YOUR schedule. All you need to get going is to sign up, an exercise or yoga mat, some blankets, pillows or bolsters, straps (can be old ties), a chair and some blank pages to record some of your thoughts. The program is one month long and you receive:


  • Two new movement practices a week for three weeks with the final week mixing and matching the practices that most resonated for you. Once a practice has been introduced you can go back to it any time during the month;
  • One new meditation (audio only) practice a week for three weeks. Again, you can review any mediation after it has been introduced and the final week you get to go back and visit your favorites;
  • Introductory videos and audios so you know what is coming and how to prepare for it;
  • Electronic guidance and support to help you through the program;
  • A before and after well being questionnaire so you can see your progress; and
  • A bonus practice at the end!

All practices are less than 20 minutes long, most less than 15, so the program can fit into anyone’s schedule. And YES before you ask, you can shift your well being for the better with this time commitment. All you need is to step forward and commit to change. This is only one hour per week for your improved health and wellness.

Break it down; what do you currently pay for wellness services? Most professional health services run at least $100/hr. This program provides over 3 hrs of instruction that you can revisit if you choose. Even if you practice each offering once that is just $20/hr plus you are learning tools that you will always have with you to provide self care!

Investing in yourself and well being is never a bad idea and the best time to do it is now while you are being pulled toward it. Something pulled you to check out RRR use the momentum you have created already to keep moving forward and give the gift of movement, calm and energy to yourself.


By signing up for Restore, Repair, Reset you get access to course materials for as long as RRR remains a Zeal & Zen offering, well beyond the one month program schedule for only $69. This way if you are busy you can trust that the material will be ready and waiting when you are ready.

The RRR Program is only available to Canadians above the age of 18, by clicking ‘Buy Now’ you are confirming that you are a Canadian and above the age of 18.

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