Personal Training

Give your resolutions to become fit a head start with focused direction, and ongoing motivation and support. Don’t worry about your starting point, only that you want to start. I specialize in those new to activity, those returning to it after a hiatus and especially those 45 and above(you are never too old!). Are you:

  • Keen to try something new;
  • New to activity;
  • Getting back to movement after illness or injury; or
  • Feeling intimidated or self conscious with the options, choices, equipment?

Do you want:

  • To run 5 km;
  • Keep up to the grandkids;
  • Complete an epic hike or backpack;
  • Make sure you maintain your mobility for independence;
  • Avoid the falls, loss of mobility and weight gain that is typical for the average person as you age?

Then let me help. I’ll help you get on track, make the choices that suit you best and set you up to move forward on your own. You don’t have to go to a gym, but can if you wish. All you really need is the desire to move.

Prior to starting any program a personal fitness assessment is required. This will ensure that your program will meet your needs. Fitness assessments are designed to learn your body’s strengths and areas for improvement. This is effective for injury prevention and will aid me in designing a effective exercise program. The assessment includes resting heart rate, blood pressure, body measurements, and postural and joint range of motion evaluations.


Your program can be designed for your home, outdoors, or private fitness facility[1] and will be compatible with your lifestyle and your likes/dislikes. Where and how you choose to move forward with your program is up to you. You can complete your program on your own with regular updates to keep your program relevant or you can choose to have supervised sessions.

Training for two is charged at the same rate as one but each person must undergo an individual fitness assessment prior to starting the training session. It is best if your goals and/or starting point are similar to take advantage of this option. This is a great option for couples or friends looking to take on a challenge together.

Personal training is currently only available in Kimberley BC and charged at $75/hr. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Don’t Forget!

Presentations and workshops are a great way to motivate a group to get more active. Just contact me to learn how a presentation can be created to suit your needs.

[1] Depending on location chosen approval may be required prior to starting program from the facility owner.

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.-Keri Russell