Did you know that the average woman gains one kilogram(that is about 2.2 lbs) of FAT each year between the ages of 35-55? That amounts to 44 lbs when all is said and done. The worst part is it isn’t your fault! Our hormones are playing tricks on us! Meantime we beat ourselves up with negative thoughts of our worth, willpower, appearance and abilities. We dream of when we were younger and it seemed easier.

How could life be so cruel? Wouldn’t it be better to have it tough first then get easier? It is like running a race where it is all downhill to start then at the end goes straight up. How are we to learn/train for this unless we experience it? Man it sucks! I personally got hit with nearly 20 lbs in my early 30’s earlier and faster than the statistics suggest. What the @!#$%^! I went through several stages. Really ramping up my activity, cutting out all fats…all to no avail finally to what I thought was acceptance where I just said this is the way it is.

Then I went to a naturopath for something else and he turned me on to a new way of eating. Even though I wasn’t trying to lose weight I did AND it was easy. Halleluiah! The really cool thing was I was actually eating MORE and got to enjoy my fats again. About this time I moved in with a friend for three months and did all the cooking for dinners. Even though she wasn’t consciously trying to lose weight she did…even with only eating dinners the same, and eating from the same fridge. My losing weight wasn’t a fluke and would work on others.  

Now that I am in the wellness business and have fortified my nutrition knowledge I really understand the WHY of how this works. Cool thing is I can guide to you the same weight loss without the frustration of failed attempts, or second guessing. I have two programs to choose from, Holistic Nutrition Jumpstart and Real Food Nutrition (more on the Real Food Nutrition Program below.

Here is the low down on how each works:


Holistic Nutrition Jumpstart is a four week program with generic meal plan ideas and weekly lessons. This program is an excellent quick start to getting on track and can be done completely online. It does not matter where you are or when you will have time to review things. This program is flexible and only four weeks long. Occasionally I will offer live sessions of this program, stay tuned to my newsletters or facebook fan page to know when and where this might happen. Click here to learn more about the Holistic Nutrition Jump Start Program.


The REAL FOOD nutrition program starts with the five non-negotiables that give you the guidelines for life of eating well, feeling full, gaining energy, and trimming down. Even better it comes with the 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of the time you make some good nutritional choices in the foods you eat but 20% of the time you still get to be a regular person and have a drink, birthday cake, ice cream and eat holiday meals. Yup it really is this easy and appealing. There is no reason to accept where you are if you aren’t where you want to be. The REAL FOOD Nutrition program is a lifestyle of eating that keeps you trim, energized, feeling light, with the added benefit of excellent digestion! You will sleep better, be able to “workout” and have long and full days with the energy you need.

What you get:


  • Initial private one hour consultation with body metrics, diet analysis, a seven day meal plan and a couple of tips to start -This is free! No commitment.  Here you can ask questions to make sure this is right for you!
  • Personalized Plan Long Term eating plan (includes non-dairy or vegetarian options)
  • Weekly nutrition education sessions and take home information
  • Real Food Weight Loss recipe book with breakfasts, dinners and lunches
  • Eating Gluten Free and Weight Loss Resolutions EBooks
  • Accountability, Motivation and Support

This is a personal program that is customized to you and can be done either on line or in person if you are located in Kimberley BC (or nearby). Each week you will have 30 min sessions to have questions answered and a quick check of your food diary with feedback. Online sessions will be conducted via skype. Live or online programs are the same costs, you have two options, the six week getting going or the twelve week transformation. Don’t worry, I am flexible if you are travelling for a week or not feeling well, we just will continue the week after. The order and combination of educational topics will vary depending on an individual’s needs but can include :

  • Understanding Food Labels;
  • Understanding Carbs;
  • Stress & Fat Loss;
  • Sleep & Fat Loss;
  • Fibre;
  • All about exercise; and
  • Getting started.

Six week Getting going Program  $330

Twelve Week Transformation $540

Remember the initial Consult is free so you can make sure this is right for you.

Don’t Forget! Presentations are a great way to convey nutritional information and can have the added bonus of treats served that mesh with nutritional goals. Just contact me  to learn what presentation might suit you and the group you represent.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.-Leo Tolstoy